Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Costs

*The costs of therapies are subject to change based on medical evaluation and preferred hormones types. These are our average starting prices. Blood panel testing is not included.

Plasma-Rich-Platelet Therapy Costs

Specialty Therapies

We recommend bringing recent lab works or any medical information that can contribute to the proper diagnosis and evaluation of your medical case. Quality is our main concern to ensure satisfactory results.

We recommend patients to perform their Labs once they arrive at our clinic, if they wish to immediately start their treatment they can perform the tests at any Lab of their choice, however a previous consultation is required to determine which tests are needed to start their treatment.

Duration of the therapy depends on the treatment the patients are interested in. Initial consultation for information and basic medical evaluation takes around 40-45 minutes.

All the procedures are performed in no longer than 90 minutes. Most patients travel to the clinic and back on the same day. We recommend you enjoy Mexico and visit some local restaurants and stores before heading back.

We accept cash, deposits, debit cards, and credit cards, except American Express and Amex.

Yes, treatments can be paid with U.S. credit cards, however a processing fee must be paid when using credit or debit cards. Most patients prefer to pay cash or deposit so they don’t have to pay the processing fee.

We are located in one of the most iconic and touristic areas of Tijuana, we have many cultural sites to visit and many people from different parts of the world visit our city. The clinic is in a very beautiful and safe areas of the city.