Myer’s Cocktail Vitamins Therapy is an intravenous injection that bypasses the digestive system and allows an effective absorption directly into the bloodstream. Myer’s Cocktail is a combination of vitamins and minerals that are infused into the body to help compensate the deficiency or low production of these supplements. This infusion has been known to enhance youthful appearance by supplying hydration and prevent accelerated aging.

Russald Mexico Clinic is dedicated to provide optimum wellness for patients that are constantly struggling to maintain healthy standards or searching to prevent certain conditions. When undergoing Myer’s Cocktail therapy patients experience increased hydration, decreased stress and anxiety, instant energy, improved sleep, immunity, and faster muscle recovery.

Russald Medical Myer’s Cocktail Therapy
Therapy in Mexico cost is $150* USD
Russald Medical Myer’s Cocktail Therapy
Therapy in Mexico
cost is $150* USD

Myer’s Cocktail therapy proves in almost instant results that the use of vitamins and minerals at required doses can help prevent and treat certain diseases. Many board-certified Physicians are now recognizing the use of antioxidants and other important vitamins for a wide variety of conditions, this intravenous injection also helps as a complementary therapy to enhance medication or other treatments. The combination of these vitamins and minerals boost your metabolism and cell absorption, they contain amino acids that work with your hormones in a natural level and provide the required nutrients your body needs.

Common symptoms of low vitamin and mineral levels in your body include dehydration, low energy, fatigue, constant migraines, dry skin, trouble sleeping, poor concentration, short memory loss, and poor appetite.


Myer’s Cocktail is a powerful combination designated to boost natural energy levels and significantly improve health conditions. Benefits in starting the treatment include moisturized skin, energy boost, detoxification, faster athletic recovery and performance, accelerated metabolism, younger appearance, and improved wellness. 
To receive Myer’s Cocktail Vitamin therapy, patients need to undergo medical analysis to determine health conditions including the current levels of vitamins and minerals in the body to determine the correct dosage and procedure needed for their treatment.
At Russald Mexico Clinic, we use intravenous injections to assist patients in weight loss, it is administered according to the needs of each patient. The medication is taken only by infusion, and the dosage depends on the program recommended by our Doctors.
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No, proper Myer’s Cocktail therapy in patients that were medically approved and have proper health condition will not have any type of negative effects.


HGH Mexico uses legal approved supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Dosage and time use is determined by our medical team.


Proper dosage and healthy condition which has been medically approved will eliminate any possibilities of receiving negative side effects which can include nausea and mild dizziness.


The price of Myer’s Cocktail Vitamin therapy at HGH Mexico ranges between 70% and 50% less than US prices. Exact prices can be found here.


To receive more information or to request a free consultation, please fill out our medical history form so that our medical staff can get in contact and provide further direction on how to receive medical analysis and all other requirements.


HGH Mexico clinic, is a certified clinic that has been successfully treating patients with insufficient or low supplementation for over eight years. Our patient testimonials can be found here.

When buying Myers’s Cocktail Vitamins in Mexico, it is important to buy from certified partner clinics that require and provide proper medical evaluation to avoid falling victim to counterfeit medication sold in many pharmacies. To start treatment at HGH Mexico, please fill out our medical form so that our medical team can provide further direction.