Testosterone Replacement Therapy also known as low testosterone therapy is a medically proven therapy that helps adult men compensate the low production of testosterone which plays an important role in sperm production, fat distribution, maintenance of muscle strength, and sex drive.

TRT Therapy includes many benefits, the most commonly reported are improvement in energy levels, sex drive, and quality of erections, increased bone density, muscle mass, and insulin sensitivity in some men, improvement in mood changes, firm skin, and concentration

Other biodentical hormone replacement therapies at our Tijuana, Mexico clinic include, adult Progesterone Replacement Therapy PRT, and Estrogen Replacement Therapy ERT.

Who needs testosterone replacement therapy?
In modern society, it is no longer uncommon for adult males to be deficient in key hormones. Most of this is due to environmental factors such as diet, endocrine mimickers in the food supply such as BPA, and other toxins we can encounter, without even thinking about it or knowing it. Testosterone replacement therapy is aimed for adult men who have reduced testosterone production. Low testosterone may contribute to a decrease in personal motivation or self-confidence, including depression or having trouble concentrating or remembering things.

Is low testosterone therapy right for me?
Symptoms of low testosterone production levels are mainly associated with change in sexual function including fewer spontaneous erections and low sex drive. Physical disturbances during sleep such as insomnia, increased body fat, reduced muscle bulk and strength, hair loss and less energy.

Russald Medical Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Therapy in Mexico cost is $500* USD
Price does not include laboratory blood panel testing needed
Russald Medical Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Therapy in Mexico
cost is $500* USD

To receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), patients need to undergo medical analysis to determine health condition including the current levels of testosterone hormone production to determine the correct dosage needed for their treatment.

At Russald Medical, we use clinically approved Testosterone in Mexico, produced by our specialized compounding pharmacies. Starting from the undergoing lab tests the dosage is determined and prescription indicates which therapy treatment works best according to patient needs. There are three ministered systems for testosterone replacement therapy, such as testosterone cream, injections, and testosterone pellets. Of the three, pellets are usually the best and preferred by our patients.

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Physician recommended dosage in Testosterone Replacement Therapy will not change the ability of someone being able to impregnate and have kids. Abuse is highly discouraged at HGH Mexico Clinic.

This is a common misconception, while prostate changes can occur with testosterone replacement scientific studies from the journal of clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, looked closely at this matter and discovered that under Doctor recommended dosage there is no development of prostate cancer, prostate related urinary symptoms, or elevated prostate specific antigen.


Correct testosterone dosage is determined only after consultation with the Doctor and review of our patient’s hormonal levels. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is medically and scientifically proven to produce positive effects on adult men approved to receive treatment. Like most prescription medications, abuse in dosage or adverse health conditions that are not properly treated could produce negative side-effects and is highly discouraged.


No, medical dosage is recommended after initial consultation. Patients that have been medically approved for testosterone replacement therapy and have proper health conditions will not have any type of negative side effects.


HGH Mexico uses clinically approved bio-identical testosterone injection, cream or pellets. They have been clinically approved in Mexico, the FDA does not approve them.

Proper dosage and healthy condition which has been medically approved will eliminate any possibilities of receiving negative side effects which can include, muscle pain, vomiting, headaches, and soreness.

The price of testosterone replacement therapy depends on the procedure recommended by the Physician. Pellets, injections, and cream prices vary according to the patient’s specific needs and compounding procedures. Exact prices can be found here.

To receive more information or to request a free consultation, please fill out our medical history form so that our medical staff can get in contact and provide further direction on how to receive medical analysis and all other requirements.

HGH Mexico Clinic, is a certified clinic that has been successfully treating patients with low testosterone deficiencies for over eight years. Our patient testimonial can be found here.

When purchasing testosterone replacement therapy medication, it is important to buy from certified partner clinics that require and provide proper medical evaluation to avoid falling victim to counterfeit medication sold in many pharmacies. HGH Mexico is a certified clinic that offers original bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy. Please fill out our medical form so that our medical team can provide further direction.