Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal in Tijuana, Mexico

Our new machine for Laser Tattoo Removal, is the Nd Yag Laser. Our new machine offers 6 different modes for our patients benefits and the probe comes with three different types to treat different types of tattoos.

Each of the mode has different settings:

  • Water temperature.
  • Frequency: the speed of laser shooting.
  • Energy.
  • Charging power.
  • Flash state.

The different probes our Nd Yag Laser Removal Machine has are the 1064 nm wavelength, 532 nm wavelength and 1320 nm wavelength. Allowing our clinic to remove eyebrow tattoos, failed eye line tattoos, lip line tattoos and artistic tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Methods Comparison Chart

  Effectiveness Infection Bleeding Scars Pain
Laser Tattoo Removal Permanent Results No Minimal Minimal Minimal
Sal abrasion & Dermabrasion Not proven to completely remove Yes Yes Yes, visible scars and red marks Highly Painful
Skin Excision (Surgery) Yes, only with smaller tattoos Possible Side Effect Yes Possible Side Effect Anesthesia used (minimal)
Subcutaneous Injections of Solutions Not Proven Yes, long term scars and burn-like marks
Tattoo Removal Cream No, too superficial Yes, serious side effects No Yes, visible burn marks Intense Pain

Tattoo Removal Lasers Comparison Chart

1064 nm wavelength Ideal for dark tattoos Most Commonly used Can treat 90% to 95% Safe for all skin types More effective removal available
532 nm wavelength Most effective for red and warm-toned colors: violet, orange, yellow. Can treat 90% to 95% Safe for all skin types More effective removal available
Ruby 694 nm Perfect for green and blue inks  (teal, turquoise and lime green) Treats rare tattoo colors Exceptional at removing resistant black inks Combine with Nd Yag treats all colors
Alexandrite 755 nm Removes green, blue and black inks Combine with Nd Yag treats all colors
Laser Tattoo Removal in Mexico with Russald Medical
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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

For more information on our Laser Removal for Tattoos, please read our most frequently asked questions or fill out the Request a Free Consultation Form at the right side of the page.

Yes, laser removal is a permanent solution for tattoos. In addition, our Nd Yag machine is one of the most effective solutions for tattoo removal with little effort and minimal pain.

Yes, our Nd Yag machine for Tattoo Removal is the only effective and permanent solution. Our machine includes two different probes, allowing us to remove all types, color and forms of tattoos, with minimal scarring.
We are proud to offer the only treatment for tattoo removal, that offers our patients minimal pain during their procedure. Our medical team uses a cream to num the area and patients share it feels like the snapping of a rubber band on their skin.
The amount of sessions our patients need depends on the characteristics of their tattoo: age, size, color, location and depth. The most common duration of the treatment goes from 3 to 7 sessions each one of 15 to 30 minutes and they are 6 to 8 weeks apart.
For an exact price on your Tattoo Removal with our Nd Yang machine, please fill out the Request Free Evaluation form at the bottom of the page. Our medical team will contact you directly and provide more information.
At our clinic we use the Nd Yang Laser for Tattoo Removal, which comes with two different types of tips for the probe. It allows our medical team to remove more types of tattoos such as: eyebrows, failed eye line tattoos, lip line tattoos and artistic tattoos.

Our laser tattoo removal procedure has different benefits one of them it’s minimal to no scarring.

Yes, with the advances in medical technology; lasers have become the most effective, permanent and minimal invasive procedure to remove tattoos. Other procedures use chemicals which burn the skin, are aggressive and leave red marks on the patient’s skin, etc. Our treatment is performed with little effort, minimal pain and scarring.

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